Buck Naked Native! (louthewerewolf) wrote,
Buck Naked Native!

Naturally, We Have The Sims Color-coded

Geoff is living here for the Summer. He used to live in my room. He liked the old place so much he lives here for the Summer. We circle the bowl around the table and talk up the old N64. I come home one day from work and there's N64 parapenalia spilling out old saved walmart bags all over the floor. We play Perfect Dark and dust off old relics stored away by a younger mind.

We even have team names. The enemy sims are the Naggers. I take a K7 and just plow through a whole stock of Naggers and lean over to croak out Geoff the kills of my Naggers. Man, I plowed through a whole stock of Naggers just then. And so on.

There are girl Naggers, the Naggettes. And boy Naggers, the Naggonauts.

Our team is the Spigots.

Naggers & Spigots.

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