Buck Naked Native! (louthewerewolf) wrote,
Buck Naked Native!

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Senior Cynizen

I love when people say things like I wish I had thought up Pokemon or I wish I had come up with Yahoo. You know what I like to say when people say that? 

"You know what I wish I had invented? Water. I'd be rich!"

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

My roommate just called me and asked if a Guitar Center magazine on the table was mine. I hung up and texted him, "Dumbest phone call ever."

The best part is, when I act like this my roommates love me even more. Because they know when I say dumbest phone call ever, what I really mean is, of course you can read my magazine. Keep it, or make oregami or make clippings for a guitar shrine out of it, knock yourself out!
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