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Days Turn Into Half Years

Work is taking over my life.

All I have right now is my roomies.

I'm still high off roomie # -1's bag of tricks as I am driven to roomie #4's sister's girlfriend's apartment.

She makes a full dinner and can't stop making food after that. I tell her about my mom and grandma's worst childhood ever, according to the former's psychologist.

I pull on the bathing suit I was reminded to bring and we swim in her pool while everything is cooking.

We eat as she tells me about her and roomie #4's worst childhood ever.

He turned out just fine.

We put together the couple's bed set.

Her tiny dog pats his paws on my knees for attention.That's as high as he can reach.

She sends me home with a shit-ton of leftovers.

It is my 2nd day back from vacation. Sunny all tubin' day. Rainy all the second day. Camping is our family reunion and they are arranged like tetris pieces under the porch from the rain. I used to think there was nothing worse than the endless yapping of television. Now I can't decide which is worse, all of them playing television trivia or all of them knowing the goddamn answers.

I text roomie #1 and tell her to kill me now. At this moment she and all of the roomies are shrooming without me. It is might-as-well-be roomie #5's first time. She can't decide if she wants to cry like rain or laugh like thunder. So she takes a lovin' spoonful of both for the night.

They have a house hurricane.

I find an old bycicle with a flat tire in my room on top of my clean clothes when I get back.

When I packed I found a case inside a case inside a suitcase. It has all the cds I had abandoned when I was a teenager inside. They waited for me till I came home. I listen to teen angst on the way to work.

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