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I Love This Conversation I Had With a Boy

"I can't get over how purdy u are. lol ;-P"

"I'm pretty much the worst at receiving compliments. Usually you're supposed to relay the compliment as in, "And that's a lovely corsett you're wearing." or "Wherever were you able to find unicorn pink lipstick?" but instead i dead-end it with, "Thanks!" or worse with, "I know!" or even worse, with "Right?" in the inflection of "I know!" or worse still when I tell them their green slacks match their romantic attempt. Or worse, I only compliment their slacks because they belong to me.

But when you're this self-aware you start to parady yourself and it becomes acceptable.

So we all win in the end."

"lmao. you're a trip."

"I know!"

"lmao I like the fact that you're not conceited, just honest......like me. ;-P"

"That's my sagittarius showing.

Speaking of which, me and my little brother were driving and going on about astrology. we were enjoying ourselves so much, i told him we had to stop now and go into a bookstore for more fodder. i asked the bookstore clerk where the psuedo-science section would be and me and little 6'5" brother stood there and read to each other the snippets we'd find like they were punch lines.

Then we picked out the gayest-looking gay magazine and slipt it in the pages of somebody's SAT book on an unattended table.

Not before i flipped through it first though."

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